Your safety is our commitment

GLASSWING is committed to keeping driver and shipments safe on the road. Our technology enables us to focus on the driver's safety before, during and after the trip.

Before the dispatch
Picking up the load

Verified Customers and Loading points

The GLASSWING platform verifies all the shippers and their loading points on its platform. All the verified customers go through a very extensive background check. That means the shippers and the loading points are known well before moving the freight.

24/7 Assistance

There is a loading executive and operations executive allotted to every freight movement to help you reach the loading point and help you to better understand the instructions.

Process Control

GLASSWING ensures a lane specific checklist is completed and a stringent process control is in place before the truck leaves the loading point. This leads to less detentions and gives more confidence to our drivers.

During the Trip
Getting the shipment to the destination on time.

In - App navigation

Once the freight has been loaded and paperwork completed, the trip is initiated. You get a schedule to follow, to meet the target timelines which include resting periods. The app provides you with turn by turn directions, so you can focus on getting to the destination before time in a safe and secure manner.

Always on the map

GPS data is logged for every trip so that we know that you are driving and are also aware about where you are going. This promotes accountability and encourages descipline.

Get Notified on schedule

Once you are on the trip, our control centre monitors your safety and on schedule arrival to the destination. You also get notifications, in case there is a risk of delay due to congestion etc.

After the Trip
Always there for you and improving the experience

Driver Feedback

After every dispatch, you can rate the On time loading, Paperwork, Process Control, On time unloading, Safety, Courteousness and more. We review all feedback because our goal is to make every drive on time and provide great experience.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about the shipment and help you in whatever way we can.

Rapid Response

Our specially trained incident response teams are available round the clock to handle any urgent concerns that may arise when you are on trip and beyond.