How It works


Book freight with a Tap through our mobile app or website by entering Source, Destination, Load type, Truck Type, No of Trucks, Date & Time. Get instant price, availability of trucks, Tap and your booking is confirmed! Your Truck and Driver details will be sent to you 2-4 hours before your requested scheduled time.


Your truck reaches your loading point and a notification is sent to you. You can see all the details of the truck and the driver in your app. Once the loading is done, all the paperwork is ready. The shipment is ready to move to the destination, with a best on time arrival performance in the industry.


Unload the shipment, sign the electronic PoD, note any inconsistencies and rate the experience. The bill gets generated within seconds. We automatically charge the account/credit card, so cash is not needed.

Other Service features

Send Status

Let your team members know the shipment is on the way, so that they can track it.


Just tell us the schedule of your shipments and leave the rest to us. We will ensure that all your freight movement needs are taken care of.

Vehicle Availability

At any time you can check the total vehicle availability in your zone to plan things better. GLASSWING's solid operational team and network can help you manage peak demand time with ease.

Dip Pricing

Plan your shipments based on SPOT pricing, have visibility of market rates for the next few days and book in advance to save on the cost.

Secure Locking

Smart locking ensures safety of your shipment. Get instant notification in case of any tampering.

Advanced Notification

Configure notifications to choose the frequency, time, and event to stay on top of our shipment.

Deep Analytics

Our analytics on turnaround time give you information regarding every dispatch, starting from load time, transit time, unload time and more. This helps you optimise your supply chain and freight movements.

Process Control

GLASSWING works with very stringent quality and process control to ensure your shipment reaches you safely, on-time, every time.