Always find a truck
for your freight.

Book the freight that works for you 24/7. No haggling with
brokers, back and forth negotiations, or hassles

Find a truck as per your freight size

Vehicles availability with GLASSWING is shown upfront, this can help you plan better and save costs.

20Ft Closed
container/6 Ton

32Ft Single
Axle/7.5 Ton

32Ft Multi
Axle/15 Ton

16 Ton/10 Wheel

21 Ton/12 Wheel

25 Ton/14 wheel

Trailer (14 Wheel)

Trailer (18 Wheel)

Book your freight with a Single Tap

Enter your load details, like Source, Destination, Material, Truck Type, Date and Time,
then Tap to book your Trucks. Based on the availability, a maximum of 10 Trucks could
be booked at a single time and rest could be put into a queue.

Track your freight